teach yourself how to build and maintain wordpress websites 

(Then add it to your list of services!)

Do you have a website? If you’re going to be a VA, or are already a VA, and don’t have a website you’ll find it hard, if not impossible, to get clients!

That’s a promise.

A website is your 24/7 marketing channel. It does your sales patter when you’re busy or asleep.

It’s where potential clients go to check you out, find out what you do and see how much it’s all going to cost them.

It’s proof you’re serious about this business owner malarky and that it’s safe to invest in you!

If you want people to invest in you, you need to invest in yourself

My WordPress e:course is designed so you can learn how to build and maintain WordPress websites.

And then, here’s the best bit!

You can then add WordPress build and / or maintenance to your list of services and stand out from the crowd, because not every VA has those skills.

The Course includes everything you need to be confident to build and maintain WordPress websites.

WordPress websites need ongoing maintenance and inevitably, as businesses evolve, their website content needs to change too (new pages, blog posts, etc). My course teaches you how to do all of that! And the best bit, you don’t need any previous experience in building websites or coding.

If you can put a Word document together you’re halfway there! It really is that simple. Plus, if you’ve read my book you’ll know I don’t over complicate anything and this course is no different.

Download a copy of the course Contents Page for free first so you can see what you’re investing in.

The science bit

WordPress is an online software programme that allows you to easily build websites. Millions of websites are built using this because it’s affordable and versatile.

It’s hugely popular among small businesses – our target market!

Quick Task: Go to a few local small business websites and type in /wp-admin at the end of their website address, e.g. If it comes up with a login page that tells you that their website is built using WordPress.

So why would you want to know how to build and maintain WordPress websites?

Because you can then offer all or part of your new skills as a service!

We know business owners haven’t got time to do stuff like that, or indeed the time to learn how to, so it’s one thing they’re so very grateful to outsource.

And… you can do packages! As a very quick example, ‘monthly WordPress maintenance – £99’.

I paid for a WordPress course in the first year of my business and I wish I’d made a note of how many times I’ve recouped the expense. A rough estimate is around (at time of writing):

  • Income as a result of offering WordPress maintenance as a service: £7,000

  • Money saved by being able to maintain my own sites: £2,376

Invest in you and your business will grow

Thanks so much Catherine you’ve made the task of creating a WordPress site really straightforward and understandable!! Perfect for WordPress beginners. No jargon just simple straight forward instructions and easy to follow instructions with videos to watch too. After a weekend I have practically finished the course.

Recommended for anyone contemplating building their own WordPress website or maintaining/building a WordPress website for a client.

Kim Willis


How long have I got to complete the course?

As long as you want. You could do it in a few hours, day, weeks, months or take the rest of your life. Once paid for the course is yours forever.

What is WordPress?

In their own words:

‘ allows you to build a website that meets your unique needs. Start a blog, business site, portfolio, online store, or anything else you can imagine.

With built in optimization and responsive, mobile-ready themes, there’s no limit to who you can reach with your new website. Create a simple website for your family or sell products around the world – it’s up to you.’


In my own words… ‘it’s a well easy platform for making websites’.

How easy is it to learn WordPress?

It’s so simple to use, I promise. When I first heard about WordPress and how easy it was to build your own website and indeed maintain it I thought, ‘yeah for someone whose memory is better than mine’.

You may have heard of coding before. All websites used to be built using code, which is almost like a completely different language that you can easily spend years learning. Many websites are still built using code but with WordPress you don’t need to use or know any coding now, or anytime in the future.

It really is as simple as creating a Word document or a poster in Canva. There are a few new words we’re going to learn along the way, but I promise to try and make it as pain free as possible and have included a Glossary of Terms in the course to help you out.

And then, once you are comfortable and confident with using all things WordPress you can offer building and maintaining websites as an additional service to your portfolio. It’s a very sought after skill.

Do I need to have a basic understanding of WordPress before starting this course?

None at all. This course will take you through from start to finish including a glossary of terms so you can learn the jargon.

Do I need to have knowledge of coding to do the course?

No, simple as that. You do not need to know any coding to complete this course. Some WordPress websites do indeed have coding and you won’t want to be working on those if asked, as it’s a whole different learning, but most don’t.

How do I access the course?

I’ve put the course together in a PDF format so you can access it on any device and also so you can print it out and work through it that way.

Why would I want to learn how to build and maintain a WordPress website?

Once you are comfortable and confident with using all things WordPress you can offer building and maintaining websites as an additional service to your portfolio. It’s a very sought after skill and will help you stand out from the crowd.

Can I have a certificate?

Only if you make it yourself 😉

Can I have a refund?

The course is sent to you immediately on receipt of payment via PDF. Because of that, I don’t offer refunds for this course.

How to be a VA course FAQs and what to expect

I hope I have covered any additional questions you might have here. But if not, feel free to email me at: