Why? Why do I think I am in a position to help you to become a successful Virtual Assistant?

Well first and foremost, I am one. I have, with guidance, resources and reading, built up my own Virtual Assistant business.

I came into it with over 20 (cough) years of PA, Senior Admin and Secretarial experience. My first full-time job was as secretary to two Managers within an international company, Bluebird Toys, within 18 months I was a Senior Secretary to a director. I was 20.

I had a child not long after and worked alongside the PA to the Executive Vice President of Motorola Inc, covering her role completely when she travelled. Other roles have always been focused on senior admin, managing administrators and PA roles.

I also have my Cert Ed. so I am qualified to impart knowledge too.

My early employment isn’t on my LinkedIn as I don’t expect people to look back over all those years and I also don’t need to explain myself to everyone, and neither will you. But, I want you to know you’re in safe hands.

If you’ve got the drive, some experience and/or a real passion to succeed then you’re going to be a successful Virtual Assistant too and I can’t wait to be on the journey with you.

If you have any questions, then let me know. I’m only too happy to answer them.