Memberships… Many business owners, coaches, trainers and people who want to share their knowledge now run memberships, covering a wide range of interests, via a monthly subscription.

These memberships often provide advice and guidance on how to achieve something, and are usually (hopefully) run by people who are where you want to be, achieving what you want to achieve.

You’re given access to exclusive resources, a private place to talk with other business owners, safely – usually a Facebook Group – and it’s a way for you to work with someone whose time is in high demand, tap into their mind and work with them much more cheaply than if you did 1:1.

But is that it? You pay a monthly fee for resources and advice from an industry leader?

Hell no.

If you’ve not yet been a part of a modern membership you’ll be pleasantly overwhelmed at what you get.

I asked some fellow business owners to give me one word on what membership means to them. Some gave more than one, because they just couldn’t sum it up.

As my mate Mike Morrison always says (from the Membership Guys) people join memberships for the content and stay for the community(Janet Murray)

Connection, community, team spirit, learning, accountability, growth, fun (Deborah Bulcock)

Access to an expert, a safe space to ask for feedback – not only is it ‘safe’ because we are all learning the same stuff, I trust everyone’s opinions (unlike feedback given from friends and family, who don’t understand social media and content marketing), Networking – I hadn’t realised it was a benefit at first and it wasn’t the reason I joined but I have made amazing contacts (Fay Wallis)

Community. Finding your tribe. Avoiding business loneliness. Accountability. Common ground. Help and resources. (Kim Willis)

Community. That’s the main reason I join. (Laura Moore)

Community. Consistency. (Karen Laing)

Community and accountability (Sally Farrant)

There’s a common theme running through those, isn’t there.


*EDIT: When I shared this blog post with my own VA club members they came up with even more words based on their experience of being in my membership:

  • Haven
  • Solidarity
  • Fun
  • Support

There’s no denying, having people around you to cheer you on and to confirm that you are capable, you can do this, all while there’s someone guiding you through the overwhelm of running a business is one of the best ways to build and grow your business.

Join me. You’ll be so welcome.