It’s like mould. Once it’s there, it can grow and be a stinking nuisance. Imposter syndrome hits most people in some form or another at some point – although I don’t think psychopaths get it, so if you’ve never had it – pretend.

Whether you’re yet to start your business or you’re already well under way, imposter syndrome can have a habit of re-growing.

Can I? Me?
Who’d want me to do work for them?
What if I mess it up?
Oh, God. No, running a business isn’t for me. I’ll just leave it

Then, a few months down the line you’re back on track, but it’s taken it out of you and you’re not sure of your direction.

How do you quash that imposter syndrome?

Well, firstly I want you to know that I see imposter syndrome as a positive thing, and I tell my members that all the time. It shows you’re conscientious, in my opinion, and want to do a good job! It’s a big thing handing your business over to others, and a good VA knows that, so wants to do things right.

As long as you only ever say ‘yes’ to tasks you know how to do, you’re laughing! Anything else, learn how to do but in your time – not in the clients’ time. Otherwise, this is where you’ll really cause yourself stress, waste the client’s time and money and get yourself a bad reputation.

The number one reason, I find, people look for a new VA is because the first VA said they’d do something and couldn’t! They then panicked and went awol or messed it up and wasted the client’s money.

Imagine how you’d feel if someone did that to you! Would you want a bookkeeper to say ‘yeah, I can do tax returns‘ because, why not, it’s money in the bank… but then; messes it up and ends up landing you with a fine from HMRC?

That’s a true story; one of my clients had a £15000 fine! That’s not a typo.

So, that imposter syndrome…

Embrace it. Review your skills, list what you’ve done for others, how everyone survived and start adding those things to your list of services.

Imposter syndrome shows you want to do a good job, and you will!

Now, go and get yourself set up and out there.

You CAN do this.

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