Okay, stop Googling other Virtual Assistants’ websites just for one minute and let’s concentrate on the most important person here, you! Your business!

If you’re going to build a successful profitable VA business you’re going to have to enjoy it and part of that comes from the tasks you do, as well as the freedom and control running your own business provides.

In order to be happy, content and raring to go every day you’re going to want a to-do list that excites you, one you feel comfortable with and one you can do without any anxiety.

In my book, I’ve detailed exactly what you need to do to identify your services, and these come under three headings:

Tasks you enjoy

Imagine if you could do only the bits of your current role that you enjoy, well as a business owner, you can! List the tasks you enjoy and they will form the basis for the services you’re going to offer as a successful virtual assistant.

Tasks that you’re good at

Whether that’s naturally, qualified or trained in some other way. If you do tasks you’re good at, you’ll likely naturally enjoy doing them.

Tasks others dislike

One of my clients absolutely hates paperwork and filing, but won’t go paperless because in his words; technology isn’t his thing.

I just love organising, it’s what I’ve always enjoyed, so I love sorting out his paperwork – he then gets to focus on things he enjoys and I get paid for doing what comes naturally! It’s a win-win situation for both of us.

It’s important with the last one ‘tasks others dislike’ that you don’t forget the other two, there always needs to be an element of enjoyment to stop boredom or procrastination setting in.

So, what services will you be offering?

To really knuckle down your services I’ve dedicated a whole chapter to identifying your services in my book, How to be a Virtual Assistant, along with a task to help you really nail this essential part of running your own successful VA business.