This is one question that is so popular, and can hold many people back from staring their VA business

‘What shall I call my Virtual Assistant business?’

First of all let’s think about some things to definitely consider before deciding on a name:

  • It has to be easy for people to understand when you talk to them in person (networking) or on the phone.
  • You really don’t want to be spelling it out to everyone or explaining it’s origin if it’s not a word used in your native language, so stay away from obscure words or the Latin name for that plant you’ve liked a few years.
  • It needs to look okay when all together, for example… Remember #susanalbumparty? Yeah! Your business name will ideally be your website address, for consistency, and your email address too so make sure it all works together.

But, don’t overthink it!

Amazon, Google, Starbucks and John Lewis; none of those explain what they sell but we all know what we can buy from them because they promote their services and products through their marketing.

Your business name doesn’t even have to say what you do, your marketing and services will do that for you. Think of your name as the carrier bag that holds it all together.

It’s highly unlikely people won’t work with you because of your business name – if you’re looking for a service provider do you go on skills or their name? Your business name is a way to identify you, like your own birth name is – people want your services!

If you really can’t think of anything how about choosing your own name followed by ‘Virtual Assistant’? Jane Doe Virtual Assistant

‘But I’m getting married next year’… you’re just procrastinating now. Do you want to run your own VA business or not?

Pick a name, buy a URL (I recommend Eco-Hosting) and get that open sign on your business!

Top tip… When choosing your website address again consider whether it’s easy to give to people over the phone or in person.

I originally had delegatevirtualassistant – too long as it was a mouthful, could easily be mistyped. So, I shortened it to It’s much easier and less hassle.

Let me know what you’ve chosen and if you’re ready for business join me in my Private Members’ Club to further help you launch build and grow your VA business.