A Virtual Business Manager (VBM) (also referred to as an Online Business Manager) is someone who supports and manages other businesses with the management of, but not limited to, projects, launches, processes, expansion, finances and other team members.

VBMs ideal clients are business owners who simply cannot grow anymore because there are no more hours in the day, and ones who pay obviously! In order to evolve they need help.

You’ll free up the business owners’ time so they can focus on areas of their business that only they can do.

Sounds familiar to that of a VA, doesn’t it?

The role of VBM goes far beyond that of VA.

The role of a VBM is largely proactive (shall I?), whereas, as a VA the role is largely reactive (can you?). A VBM is much like a business consultant, you will identify what changes need to be made or implemented and come up with a plan of action; in addition to that you may manage that plan, either alone or with the the support of additional team members, of which you may recruit.

Many of the people you’ll support have been juggling every element of their business, so haven’t had time to research or appreciate more efficient or profitable ways of working. As a business owner yourself, having worked with other businesses, you can identify weak areas and find a solution.

Your ideal clients are business owners who have been in business a while, they know their goals, are ready to let go and are high earners.

As a VBM you’re confident to go forward with things, you don’t need reassurance or to be micro managed.

Don’t worry if you’re not yet at this stage, it will come.

As a VBM you don’t have to know how to do every aspect of what needs to be done, you become the one who delegates and becomes responsible for ensuring the rest of the team does; you may even be called upon to find those other team members.

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