I know this is a major fear for many new or aspiring VA’s and was a big one for me too. It’s good to be concerned about this if you went into starting your own business not considering these things you could be stuffed if it happened, but equally try not to let worries hold you back from achieving your dream.

With a pituitary (base of brain) tumour that was removed in 2012 then grew back in 2014 but was blasted by radiotherapy, which also led to me living on a cocktail of drugs to keep me alive and a little fatal disease called Addison’s.

I cope with most days, but sometimes I’m hit with fatigue. And at time of writing today is one of those days, it often lasts about a fortnight and if I was employed there would be NO WAY I’d go into work, I just couldn’t cope.

I’d be exhausted for longer, I’d get shitty with colleagues and it’d take me longer than 2 weeks to get right, probably resulting in even more time off and having to take statutory sick pay, annoying my colleagues and employers and feeling guilty (perhaps not, but maybe for a second).

However, being my own boss I can

๐Ÿ‘ Start work when I want
๐Ÿ‘ Work from the settee or even my bed if I need to
๐Ÿ‘ Pop to the GP at a time convenient for me,ย not rushing during MY lunch break
๐Ÿ‘ Put my feet up and have a break whenever I want without any feelings of guilt

And so can you!

One thing I have noticed since being self-employed and working from my home is I hardly ever get poorly. I used to have a cold around 4 times a year and before I left my last full-time employer I kept getting a persistent cough for months (shouldn’t have Googled that one!), which cleared up within a week of leaving. Touch wood, all I have been getting is one cold a year and it doesn’t last as long either!

So the answer is you, will get ill but it’s so much different and so much easier to manage.

What I have also managed to do is save 15 months of money for anything really serious. Money I couldn’t have saved on an employees wage!