all you need to transition from

virtual assistant to virtual business manager


Are you ready to:

  • Earn more and, potentially, work less?
  • Upscale your VA business to become a Virtual Business Manager (VBM)? 
  • Stop trading only hours for money?
  • Start working with other experts to really start making a difference in business owners’ lives?
  • Be more proactive in the support you provide business owners?

My downloadable guide gives you all you need to understand and start transitioning your business from VA to VBM in nine modules:

  1. What is a Virtual Business Manager?
  2. Virtual Assistant versus Virtual Business Manager
  3. 60 way a Virtual Business Manager can support businesses (download this module free here)
  4. 5 skills required as a Virtual Business Manager
  5. The VBM business model
  6. Tasks to test your VBM skills
  7. Building your team
  8. How to charge and knowing your worth

A VBM is much like a business consultant, you will identify what changes need to be made or implemented and come up with a plan of action; in addition to that you may manage that plan, either alone or with the support of additional team members, of which you may ‘recruit’. Perhaps you’re already working like this for some clients?

VBMs ideal clients are business owners who have been in business a while, they know their goals, are ready to let go and are high earners.

They are those who simply cannot grow anymore because there are no more hours in the day. They’re also ones who pay, obviously!

In order to evolve these business owners need help.

Sounds familiar to that of a VA, doesn’t it?

The role of VBM goes far beyond that of VA and your earning capacity has a much higher ceiling.

So, whether you’ve been thinking about evolving for a while or it’s a new idea, this guide will show you all you need to consider, and more, to start your transition. 


How long have I got to complete the course?

As long as you want. You could do it in a few hours, day, weeks, months or take the rest of your life. Once paid for the course is yours forever.

What happens if you update the course? Do I get a new copy.

Absolutely! If I make any amendments or updates I’ll contact you to let you know and send you a revised copy if you would like one. Obviously, this will be free.

What's the basic criteria for people buying this course?

I recommend that you’ve run your own virtual business, preferably as a VA, or had management / project management experience.

You need to know your worth and be confident with managing other people’s empires.

How do I access the course?

I’ve put the course together in a PDF format so you can access it on any device and also so you can print it out and work through it that way.

Can I have a certificate?

Only if you make it yourself 😉

Can I have a refund?

The course is sent to you immediately on receipt of payment via PDF. Because of that, I don’t offer refunds for this course.