Does your Virtual Assistant business need more clients?

Are you sometimes paralysed by self doubt?

Do you feel stuck?

Unsure how to earn more and make your business your full time career?

Maybe you want to get to the point where you’re using associates?

Then my Virtual Assistants Private Members’ Club is for you!

Run by me, Catherine Gladwyn – Delegate VA, the Private Members’ Club gives you access to me personally via a Facebook group, access to my exclusive VA podcast, exclusive training webinars, live audits, courses and resources to help you to build and grow your business, fight the fear and challenge yourself outside of your comfort zone.

I’m a full time Virtual Assistant myself, so my advice is up-to-date and relevant to today!

I’ll never recommend anything that I haven’t tried out myself.

And if there’s ever anything I can’t answer, I’ll bring in someone who can. Someone I trust to give honest advice.

How to Become a Virtual Assistant

Testimonials from group members include:

‘I am 100% certain that joining this group has elevated my growth.  I was really umming and ahhing about investing in the membership (“how can I pay membership when I’m hardly earning myself?”). But it has paid for itself over and over again already. Best thing I ever did for my VA business’ Laura

How to Become a Virtual Assistant

Just £30 a month and you can leave with just 30 days notice or sign up for 12 months for £330 and really commit to investing in your business.

Join me and other Virtual Assistants – all at various stages of their business – to Build and Grow your business.

Here’s what you get when you join

Accountability, Reassurance, Confidence and Support

We’ll have fun but I’ll also make sure you are continually focused on achieving your goals.

  • How to build your client black book to the point where you need an associate
  • Finance support and advice (I am AAT2 qualified)
  • Expert interviews from successful business owners
  • Marketing advice and support
  • Goal setting
  • Support with content creation
  • Private Facebook group to share your thoughts
  • A place to source associates and find associate work
  • 1:1 one hour personal Zoom call with me (20 minutes for monthly membership)
  • Exclusive Virtual Assistants’ Podcast with tips and advice
  • Analysis of your current methods for getting clients and how to make that better
  • Exclusive resources to help you build and grow your business
  • Dos and don’ts to avoid you making any costly mistakes
  • Defining a niche – it’s easier than they make out
  • Addressing your fears – we all have them, I promise
  • Challenges to build your knowledge, confidence, reputation and bank balance
  • 20% discount on other products and services (annual membership only)
  • Live audits / coaching

Plus, access to my 40% affiliate commission scheme exclusively for all members after your first month in the group. 

Catherine regularly shares VA Requests in the group that she finds online or that her contacts ask her to promote.

Both Laura and I (Mark) put ourselves forward for one yesterday and … well, we’ve only gone and bagged a shared gig out of it!

Once again, that’s our membership subs back!

Laura and Mark, Virtual Assistants

When I joined the group my monthly income was £264. Five months on it’s £1800 (that’s a seven times growth – 680%) and growing. I’ve attributed this to the members only live audit on how to write prospect emails.

L, Virtual Assistant

Your membership group is amazing.  I love being on the journey with you and all the other VA’s who are all at different stages of their business and that we all help each other along the way. 

When I need some advice about what to do with a client I post in the group and get the best feedback that helps me on my way – I couldn’t and wouldn’t want to continue in my business without the amazing support of you and the group.  You’ve done such a fantastic job to keep it so grounded, full of value, help, support and fun and laughter all at the same time.

When I first joined your membership I had a couple of ad hoc clients, was earning around £50 to a max of £250 a month (for the first 6 months).  Now I have two big clients who keep me busy and my income last month was £2,275 (910%) – a HUGE increase (I still can’t believe it!!).  I feel my confidence has grown, doing the packages challenge has been great too as it’s made me realise what I’m good at and what I enjoy.

K, Virtual Assistant

I didn’t really have any direction & lots of self doubt before I joined the membership!

I feel supported, my income has increased which I think is down to putting myself out there more and taking on tasks I might have turned down previously and I feel I have more direction.

I’m part of a lovely community of VAs now which has helped me a lot.

Emma, Virtual Assistant

Before I joined the group, I had zero confidence in my abilities and only one client. 

Since joining, I’ve gained a second client and my Associate work has increased.

Carole, Virtual Assistant

The membership has been fab. It’s provided income through associate work and a referral so far, so it’s paid for itself many times over!

Just being part of a small community where everyone helps each other rather than competes is really great too.

The podcasts are fab and help me know I’m doing the right things.

Mark, Virtual Assistant

I’ve just listened to the ‘Don’t Give Up’ episode of your podcast and found it so inspiring!

I often feel like you describe so it was very reassuring! Thank you.

Megg, Virtual Assistant

Thank you Catherine, this has turned into a client for me.

Christine, Virtual Assistant

I was inspired (to join the Private Members’ Club) after our power hour and think this is perfect to help me through my first year and beyond. I am so looking forward to a new challenge!

Helen, Virtual Assistant


How long will I have access to the online resources and Facebook group?

As long as you’re a paid up member.

How are the resources accessed?

Via this website, there’s a private members area. 

Who is the group for?

Only people who are invested in the success of their Virtual Assistant business and want it to be their full time career. This ain’t no side hustle!

I've already launched my business, is this group for me?

Yes! If your VA business is only a dream and you’ve made no commitment yet to start it, then may I recommend starting with my book. The Private Members’ Club is for those who are committed to building and growing their VA business. 

Why is it a paid group? Am I not just better off joining a free one?

I’m a HUGE advocate of NOT giving stuff away for free. I wouldn’t want you to do it in your business. Would you be happy to work 20 hours paid a week and 20 hours unpaid? Running a group takes time, thought and the creation of resources. The free groups out there are lead generators to get you to either buy their products or services, or to get you to join their paid group. We all have to eat. Free content will eventually get you where you want to be, but you’ve got to decide what is going to get you there. 

Have a read of this too: Should you invest in your business or just have the free resources?

Can I pay monthly?

Absolutely, of course you can. It’s £30 a month and you can cancel your membership at any time, with a month’s notice and you’re welcome back at any time.

What if I join and it's not for me?

Then I’ll get you in a headlock until you agree to stay! No, I won’t!

I’d be gutted to lose you as I really hope I can make a difference, but I also know I can’t please everyone. If you sign up as a monthly member, you can stop your membership at any time. If you opt for the annual fee and contact me within 30 days, I will issue a refund if you are genuinely not happy. The 30 days should not be seen as a trial period as the annual membership is for those with a genuine commitment to optimising the resources and learning. Please note that deductions may be made if you have signed up and received any free joining incentives (such as a 1-2-1 consultation, book, discount off any other products or services).  If you choose to stop your membership you will no longer have access to any of the resources.

From my own personal experience of paid memberships it takes a few months to find your feet and get into a new routine.

How much time do I need to spend in the Private Members' Club?

You’ll get out what you put in. If you invest a couple of hours a week, you should start to make progress quickly. If you only dip in to the Facebook group and resources now and again your progress will be slower.

What if I cancel my membership and I've had the 1:1?

The free 1:1 consultation is an offer made to members selecting annual membership only.  Should you take out an annual membership and then decide to cancel within 30 days, you will be refunded your membership fee (subject to the terms in the point above) minus £40 if you have had the 20 minute consultation. 

What if I join mid year?

Your membership will run for 12 months regardless of when you join.