Packages. Why? It’s important for your potential clients to be able to easily understand how much something is going to cost them.

As part of my Virtual Assistants Private Members’ Club I work with VAs to create packages they can sell to existing and potential clients, here are a few reasons why your business will benefit from creating packages too.

What is a package?

In a nutshell, it’s a group of tasks or services you can provide for existing or potential clients.

Why do I need packages?

How often does a client come to you and ask ‘what does a VA do’, ‘how much will this cost’ or ‘what does that service involve’? Or perhaps you get enquiries and don’t know how to price them? Maybe you’re undercharging or overcharging and no one is working with you?

The customer journey has to be as easy as possible. Imagine going online to buy your weekly shop – it’s all done for you, you just pay £250 and you’ll have everything you need for a whole week! But that’s it, no other information. Is it even what you need, will there be chocolate?

Now imagine going online for your weekly shop and it lists what will be in the shopping, what time it’ll be delivered and there will even be bonus recipe cards with it. Hell, you can even have a chef! That’s more like it, you know what you’re getting, what the outcome will be for your investment.

As a business owner yourself, you need to remember that it’s hard giving over your hard earned cash at any time, you need to know what you’re getting in return. It can’t be vague. Which is why packaged services are so good for your clients.

Since introducing packages for some of the services in my own VA business – Delegate VA – I’ve found an increase in enquiries for those specific services and received comments on numerous occasions like ‘I’ve come to you as I know what I am getting for my investment‘. ‘Your website makes it so easy to understand what I need‘.

Before this I was often having to explain myself and cater for so many different needs, it was time consuming not only for me, but for potential clients too as they were getting in touch and not realising the service I offered wasn’t what they needed. I wasn’t targeting the right people through my marketing.

But, that’s all changed. People ‘land’ on my website and can see what I offer, decide whether it’s what they need, what they can afford, get in touch and away we go.

What do packages need to include?

  • They need to be clear – what is the client getting?
  • They need to be priced properly – don’t short change yourself or over price yourself
  • They need to be relevant – think about what your audience likely needs from this service
  • Avoid jargon – for example, if you’re offering bookkeeping packages avoid the terms some business owners don’t understand or want to understand, like creditors, debtors, reconciliation.

Still not convinced? I asked a few established business owners how creating packages for their businesses helped, here are their replies:

‘Having packages provides clarity for potential clients about how working with me will create the transformation they desire. It also enables me to offer my services at different price points depending upon each client’s stage of business and their specific needs. By packaging my services, I’m also able to create lead magnets that are specific to each one, streamlining my marketing and the decision making process.’

Lara Young – Business Mentor | Achievement Coach

‘I’ve created packages/ products. I found it makes the sales conversation easier and prospects know what my pricing is.’

Louise Roberts – Alimenti Food Sciences

‘I was very resistant to the idea of packages when it was first suggested to me. I had loads of different services I could offer and thought I would be turning away business by not including them all. But I’ve narrowed it down to three packages now and it works so much better.

The clients will often spend more because that’s what’s on offer on my website! It’s so much easier to market too, as I don’t have to pick which service of the dozens available! So much easier to just have 2 or 3!

Tracy Hooper – Personal Stylist

If you want a step by step guide on how to create packages buy your copy here today!

Or, if you’re looking for further support in your VA business join my Private Members’ Club – you’ll love it!