Before I answer the question with my thoughts I want to ask you why wouldn’t you display your prices on your website?
  1. are you worried it will put people off?
  2. are you not confident with what you charge?
  3. are you hoping people will phone or email and then you can convert them to be a client?
  4. are your prices not that straightforward?
  5. did someone say you shouldn’t put your prices on your website and so you didn’t, but you’re not quite sure why they said it?
I’ll answer all those five common ‘excuses’ in turn:
  1. Tough your prices are your prices. Having them on your website allows people to make a decision there and then without wasting their time, or indeed your own, in a lengthy awkward phone call. Imagine having to call a company you’re really keen to work with, but have to phone for the price – it’s way out of your budget and now you need an awkward conversation to try and end the call. You don’t want to put people in that position, and as I said, you don’t need your time wasted.
  2. Awkward! If you’re not confident on your rate people will pick up on that and start haggling successfully. As I mention in my book, your hourly rate is what you’re worth regardless of your experience as a business owner or the service you’re offering. For example, you do not charge less because you think the service is less involved than another it’s still an hour of your time!
  3. Would you want to have to endure a sales pitch if you called someone just to find out their price? If someone can’t afford you there’s very little you can do to magic up the money, save your time for those who can afford what you’re worth.
  4. Why not? Why would some people pay different prices or why does your hourly rate differ? Do you offer packages? Great! Pop them on your website, make it as easy as possible for people to know what they’re getting and how much it’s going to cost them.
  5. I hope the above gives you some reasons why you should display your prices because personally I see no reason why you shouldn’t.
Also consider this, if your competitors have their prices on their website where are potential clients more likely to go?
Your potential clients are probably limited on time and this is why they’re looking for help. If you’re wasting their time from the off it’s not a very positive experience for them so … get your prices on your website!
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