It’s so easy to forget everything we’ve achieved on a journey, especially if the going ever gets tough. That’s why I have created this simple downloadable poster, for your noticeboard, so you can note all of your achievements, no matter how big or small and look back smugly at how amazing you are.

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It’s hard to remember where we came from on a journey, how much we’ve achieved – even little things are milestones that should be recorded.

I’d never done a 1:1 Skype call when I first opened for business, so a fellow VA offered to do one with me to help me gain a bit of confidence. I’ll never forget that kindness. Now I do Skype and Zoom calls without a second thought other than ‘do I have anything in my teeth?’.

Before you scurry off into success download my simple PDF pop it on your noticeboard and mark all your achievements so you can reflect at any time when the going seems tough.


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