LinkedIn Audit and Strategy


If LinkedIn isn’t currently working for you I can do a thorough audit of your account and activity and give you a personalised report and brief strategy on how to get LinkedIn working for your business, along with suggestions on what and when to post.


LinkedIn is rubbish, isn’t it?
I used to think the same, but it’s really not.
  • My posts regularly get over 10,000 views, some even reach double thousands.
  • Views of my profile exceed 1,000’s
  • And engagement almost always leads to relevant connection requests.
  • Connection requests are almost always my target market.
If LinkedIn isn’t working for you and your business then you may need a fresh pair of eyes and a personalised report to get you on track. My LinkedIn audit includes:
  • Analysis of your content
  • Ensuring your profile is tip top and optimised
  • Ensuring your company page is relevant
  • Recommendations for improvements
  • Brief strategy to help you promote your business to the right people
LinkedIn is a platform that will help you and your VA business get noticed.

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