How to Create Power Hours for your Business


How to consider, develop, market and sell Power Hours in your business with my easy to follow guide.


Our time is money and so I am of the belief that we ensure as little time as possible is wasted.

We’ve all had those emails / PMs that say ‘tell me what it is you do’. ‘I need a VA’. You then spend time with that person only to find out, they either:

  1. Don’t need a VA
  2. Want to actually sell you something, do a swap or worse still – become an Arbonne Hun
  3. Have zero idea why they think they need a VA
  4. Aren’t earning anything so can’t even afford one anyway
  5. Just want to ‘pick your brains’ 

These kinds of people are usually a waste of our time, but sometimes they’re not.

Hmm, how do you differentiate between them? How many hours in total do you waste before you spend time with someone who is actually going to work with you?

We charge for any more than 20 minutes of our time, in a Power Hour.

I’ve developed an easy guide to help you consider, develop, market and sell Power Hours into your business with my easy to follow download.

Within weeks of implementing the guidance in my eBook people are seeing an average return on investment of £225+

It works!

Here’s what’s included:

Task One
Start Here
Task Two
Choosing your Power Hour/s subject
Task Three
What does your Power Hour do?
Task Four
Website Content and Marketing your Power Hours
Task Five
Flipping enquiries
Bonus Bits
How do you prepare for a Power Hour?


I have just completed Catherine’s Power Hour course and cannot recommend it enough.

Catherine takes you through the process step by step, covering all aspects including what to offer, mindset and how to market it.

If this is something you would like to add to your services, then Catherine’s course will help you to achieve this.

Still not sure? I have sold not 1, but 2 Power Hours since completing the course! What are you waiting for?!

Lisa Porto