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Virtual Assistant Power Hour

Turn your Virtual Assistant business into a success and enjoy the life you deserve.

Feeling a bit overwhelmed?

Perhaps disheartened?

Maybe you feel like you’ve hit a brick wall?

Don’t know where to start or go next?

You may have even considered giving it all up?

If so stop right there, Book a 1:1 Power Hour with me, pick my brains, get to focus on the exact personal challenges you have right now, get answers and I will help you to move forward.

What others have said after their Power Hour with me

Emma - Virtual Assistant

‘I had a fantastic & very informative Power Hour with Catherine. I had been having doubts about my services and she advised me on what I should offer, as well as giving me advice on my social media channels, website and pricing structure. It was great to have someone to talk through my queries with especially another Virtual Assistant of her calibre. It helped me to gain clarity in the direction I need to be steering my VA business towards. I would highly recommend the Power Hour to any level of Virtual Assistant, whether they are yet to start or are a few years down the line with their business. Thank you Catherine!’

Helen - Virtual Assistant

‘Catherine has a great sense of humour which makes her approachable and easy to spill your beans to without feeling judged. Her advice helped me put things into perspective and get back on track when quite frankly I was being beaten to a pulp by the impostor syndrome monster! She helped me to look at my goals and get some focus for which I am truly grateful. Every newly established VA can benefit from Catherine’s power hour.’

Carol - Virtual Assistant

I’ve already started updating my LinkedIn profile as you suggested from our call and will be using the ideas we spoke about.  I think I just needed to focus my mind on what I needed to do for the rest of this year and you’ve helped me to do that so thank you.

Thanks for your help – you are very easy to talk to I have to say and I’m not at all comfortable in front of the camera and you made it so easy for me to do this.’ 

Karen - Virtual Assistant

‘Thank you once again for the Power Hour. It was really helpful and it’s given me a renewed level of enthusiasm. I’d highly recommend it to anyone and in the words of Arnie “I’ll be back” (which probably sounds scarier that I mean it to!)’

Ellie - Virtual Assistant

‘Four months after starting my VA business and after reading Catherine’s book, I decided to invest a little time in myself and booked a Power Hour with her.  It was a relaxed and informative chat and we covered all the areas that I wanted to discuss.  The hour whizzed by but I came away with all my questions answered, a realistic list of things to action and a sense of clarity about where and how I should be focusing my efforts in building my business.  Satisfied customer! Thank you Catherine.’ Ellie Lane

Laura - Virtual Assistant

I just wanted to thank you for your time on Friday.  I found it really useful and have already started to put some of your guidance in place.’

Meg - Virtual Assistant

Just wanted to thank you for your time this morning, I found the Power Hour very useful and I’m feeling refreshed with a new sense of purpose! I honestly appreciate it so much.’

Make your success a priority

Book an hour session with me and we’ll chat via Zoom, like Skype but better! I can also record the call for you so you can refer back to it at any time.

Struggling to find clients?

They’re there! Let’s look at what you’ve done already and discuss why that isn’t working. You’ll come away with a new plan of action that will help you stand out and get noticed.

Does it feel like you are being ignored on social media?

Wondering what to say on social media? Running out of content ideas? Worried you’ll sound daft? You need a consistent strong social media presence, it’s where most of your clients hang out so if you’re struggling in this area, let’s sort that out with a clear strategy that will get you noticed.

Suffering with imposter syndrome?

Do you have feelings of self doubt? It’s horrid, isn’t it? And it’s very common. We’ll work together to understand the underlying problem, what skills you have versus your services and confirm that you CAN do this.

Turn your Virtual Assistant business into a success and enjoy the life you deserve.