‘What’s your niche?’

‘You’ve got a niche, right?’

‘Oh, you need a niche!’

Yeah, thanks for that but what is a niche? And why do you need one?

In a nutshell, a niche is something you specialise in or someone you prefer to work with.

For example, I love everything MailChimp (at time of writing) so I promote that heavily as a service – however, it’s not my only service – so that I attract clients who want me to help them with it. I love setting MailChimp up,  creating newsletters, watching the stats and generally making it work for clients. So, you could say that’s my niche… at the moment!

However, I don’t limit that service to a specific client. I’ll work with anyone if they meet a few criteria:

  • They are organised
  • They won’t constantly say ‘oh, but my mate Dave reckons if you put this in your newsletter everyone will open it’
  • They won’t claim to have not received my invoice

But none of that is a niche, it’s just a few things I’ve found make it hard to work with people. It’s personal preference.

Currently, I don’t have an ideal client niche and don’t think I ever will but who knows – it’s certainly not stopping me getting clients.

Until recently none of my services were a particular niche either, I enjoyed doing all sorts of things – it probably took about a year / 18 months to start really nailing some services that I could call a ‘niche’.

And yes, now that I have it makes marketing so much easier and focused and enables me to hone in on people who might need my help but I want you to know it doesn’t matter if you haven’t yet got a niche, whether it’s client or service.

It won’t stop your progression and it won’t stop people working with you.

Don’t limit yourself unnecessarily.

If you want to read / listen to a bit more about finding your niche then I’ve got that covered in my book, How to be a Virtual Assistant.