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Here are just a few of my members. Some are still in employment too so aren’t quite ready to share to the world that they’re a VA – damn those employment terms and conditions!

If you’re ready to start growing and building your VA business or want to move towards becoming a Virtual Business Manager, then this is the membership for you.

Lisa Porto

‘My biggest achievement, since joining the membership, has been meeting and exceeding my initial goal of earning what I did when I was in full-time employment. This happened within 6 months of joining; Catherine’s continued support and guidance have certainly contributed to me achieving this.

Lisa supports non-techie business owners attain a consistent online presence by creating beautiful websites, SEO-friendly content and implementing automation tools. Find out more here.

Carole Searle

My business has gone from strength to strength since joining the membership 12 months ago. I’m now earning 3.5 times the amount I was, I get such great advice & tips in there (while also having such a laugh in the process!) and I wouldn’t be without it for all the tea in China!’

Carole supports the Health/Wellness industry & small business owners with email/diary management, online research & social media management. Find out more here.

Emma Rowley

Since being in the membership I have gained associate work, direct client work as well as received fantastic training and built great relationships, and a support network.

Emma supports female business owners with remote admin support including inbox management, research, newsletter formatting & scheduling and proofreading. Find out more here.

Anh Ly

I gained two new clients in the first month of being part of this supportive community.’

Anh supports businesses and individuals with HR and admin, whether it’s long term, ad hoc or one off projects. Find out more here.

Bev Davies

‘Joined February 2020 and it has been the best investment in my business. I am part of an amazing community of VAs who are supportive and knowledgeable. With them and Catherine’s guidance I am able to really grow my business.’

Bev supports start-ups and growing SMEs with the management of inboxes, diaries, arranging travel, event planning, scheduling social media, research, managing CRMs and client relationships. Find out more here.

Karen Tait

‘It’s great to be part of a supportive community of like-mind business owners who openly encourage and support even though we are working in the same industry!  The online portal is packed full of useful tips, videos, ideas to consider and things I hadn’t even thought about, highly recommend.’

Karen supports business owners by learning how to delegate, gain focus and grow by handing over their daily admin including diary management, research, travel, inbox control and social media scheduling. Find out more here.

Michelle Gillson

Being part of this membership has given me amazing confidence, support and tips. The private Facebook group you join as part of the membership is a funny (ha ha) group and everyone is willing to help each other

Michelle works with small businesses creating admin structure and processes. Find out more here.

Rosemarie St. Louis

I am a Founding Member of the Membership – it has been a fantastic resource and so supportive for my business

Rosemarie supports business within the health & wellness sector, as well as other small businesses. Find out more here.

Chrissie Monnelly

‘Since joining the membership I have learned so much, not only from Catherine but also the other members of the group. I have re-evaluated my business and marketing strategy based on everything I have learned (and continue to learn) and I am feeling much more confident in myself and in the future of my business! It is the only thing I need to succeed.’

Chrissie supports small business owners and legal professionals with their admin, secretarial and paralegal requirements. Find out more here.

Georgina Chapman

‘I’ve been in the membership group for over a year now and I’ve loved every minute of it. Catherine’s advice is always spot on and actionable – there’s no question too big or too small for her. I have enjoyed getting to know the other members and have been able to recommend some of them for work they’ve gone on to secure as monthly retainers which is amazing! I have done work for some of the other members too, as well as having found my own amazing VA in there.’

Georgina supports rebellious, rule-breaking business owners with creating attention-grabbing, engaging LinkedIn content so that they get more leads from the ideal clients of their dreams. Find out more here.

Hazel Ponsford

‘The membership has been without a doubt the best investment for me this year. The support and knowledge received has kept me on track, increased my confidence and given me new ideas. It is an amazing, welcoming safe space filled with humour and knowledge. It feels like working in a team of like minded professionals at all stages of their business, all helping each other. It took me a long time to decide where to invest and I checked out lots of other options however Catherine was the right fit for me and as she still works as a VA as well as training other VAs I am confident her knowledge is up to date and relevant. She walks her talk.’

Hazel supports artists, HR Freelancers, marketers and other creative business owners by providing HR & admin support. Find out more here.

Heidi Setchfield

Working with Catherine and the other members of the community has allowed me to grow my skillset and helped me become more confident in myself.

Heidi supports coaches, consultants & therapists with their administrative tasks allowing them to focus on their income producing activity. Find out more here.

Kelly Kemp

Being in the membership has given me the confidence to know my worth and aim for greater things than I otherwise would have done. It’s an amazing community of talented VAs and they, and Catherine, are always supportive and encouraging.

Kelly supports small business owners with graphic design, WordPress website building and maintenance, and email marketing. Find out more here.

Kellie Simpson

I’ve ended up working with my ideal client which came via the membership group – I’m so grateful

Kellie supports busy professionals with diary management, travel organisation and event management. Find out more here.

Lisa Cornwell

Being in the membership group not only brings a lot of support and knowledge of running a VA business, but also the opportunity to gain work and clients.

Lisa supports small businesses with administrative tasks, social media and event organisation. Find out more here.

Chrissy Silva

‘Catherine’s membership has meant I’ve never felt alone. It’s like hanging out with mates you’ve known forever at the best coworking space – you learn from the best and can even get referral work – all from the comfort of home in my pyjamas’

Chrissy supports small businesses with Squarespace websites and newsletter design. Find out more here.

Debbie Binnersley

‘Catherine’s membership is an amazing community of likeminded VAs who are always on hand to offer help and advice on a variety of subjects. We regularly share VA requests and Associate work and I have secured work through these on a number of occasions.’

Debbie supports small businesses and sole traders with bespoke admin assistance. Find out more here.

Catherine Body

The community is a supportive, safe space with help and advice no matter where you are on your VA journey.  No question is too silly, and if you’re thinking it, chances are one or more of the other members are too!

Catherine supports SME’s with bookkeeping, VAT, payroll, PAYE plus general office admin. Find out more here.

Helen Porter

The membership is the best investment I’ve made for my business, both the support from the community and opportunities shared have seen me grow the business and my confidence since joining.

Helen supports business owners with admin and project management support. Find out more here.

Nekeshia Williams

I enjoy being a member of Catherine’s membership group.  Catherine and the other VAs who are members are so helpful and supportive. I also gained a client from being a member!

Nekeshia supports health & wellness coaches and business owners with their admin and social media. Find out more here.

Sarah Walton-Davey

Found my VA tribe when I joined this amazing community of kick-a** VAs. If you’ve got ambitions for your VA business then this is where you need to be!

Sarah works with small businesses providing business admin and event management support. Find out more here.

Christine Southam

‘The group is a constant source of support: providing opportunities to apply for, where you can be sure someone will respond to your questions and daily prompts keep you on your toes. The group and the daily challenges are necessary for the evolution of your business.’

Christine supports eco-conscious business owners who are struggling to balance purpose-led work with serving their clients and the routine tasks by providing professional and reliable admin support. Find out more here.

Francisca Kozijn

;The stories make me believe it is possible.  The support within the community is awesome and the banter and bluntness is spot on and completely makes me feel at home in this virtual community!  I’m slowly but surely working towards more clients’

Francisca supports business owners with full back office support as their Virtual Business Manager.

Amy Green

The membership is my go to place for everything related to my VA business and more.  Up-to-date and relevant information, fresh ideas, collaboration and importantly a supportive and safe place to be with like minded people.

Virtual Assistant supporting entrepreneurs with their administration, travel, events, email and diary management.


Holly Tassell

‘Signing up to the How to be a VA membership has without doubt been the best decision I have made for my business so far. I have been a VA for 2 years now but since becoming a member 2 months ago I have achieved more, my confidence has grown and feel like I have all the tools to take my business forward and make a success. Catherine is a brilliant mentor and looks out for every individual in the group.’

Holly helps busy entrepreneurs, consultants and small businesses focus on their clients by taking care of everything else. Find out more here.

Amy Nolan

‘Being a member has really helped me to get into great habits that are really starting to get results within my business. Having access to Catherine’s expertise is hugely beneficial and there is a tonne of value in this membership that will benefit either the brand new starter or a VA looking to develop

Amy is a business illustrator and VA supporting business owners and influencers to communicate their message in a creative and engaging way. Find out more here.

Kat Haagel


Find out more here.


‘If you’re aware that running a business takes time and hard work, then you’ll be so welcome to join my ever growing membership’

Part of the membership means you get a free listing on this page! My SEO is pretty good! Find out more here.


‘If you’re aware that running a business takes time and hard work, then you’ll be so welcome to join my ever growing membership’

Part of the membership means you get a free listing on this page! My SEO is pretty good! Find out more here.


‘If you’re aware that running a business takes time and hard work, then you’ll be so welcome to join my ever growing membership’

Part of the membership means you get a free listing on this page! My SEO is pretty good! Find out more here.