a step by step guide on how to

create packages

for your

virtual assistant 


why do you need packages for your va business?

How often does a client come to you and ask

‘What does a VA do?’

‘How much will this cost’ or

‘What does that service involve’?

Or perhaps you get enquiries and don’t know how to price them?

Maybe you’re undercharging or overcharging and no one is working with you?

Your potential customer’s journey has to be as easy as possible, after all it’s hard giving over money to someone you’ve never met, isn’t it? Imagine!

Since introducing packages for some of the services in my own VA business – Delegate VA – I’ve found an increase in enquiries for those specific services and received comments on numerous occasions like

I’ve come to you as I know what I am getting for my investment

Your website makes it so easy to understand what I need

And, because I want the VA world to continue to thrive in this scary economic time I have created a step by step guide on how you too can create packages from your existing services.

Buy your copy today and it’s sent to you immediately via PDF

Any questions just drop me an email: catherine@delegateva.co.uk

Click here for a list of FAQs and what you can expect from my VA courses.

Your Step by Step Guide Includes

How to identify what services you could package/s

How to define the services within your package/s

How to price them

What to include in an image to promote your package/s

Tips on how to make sure you’re not over or under charging

How to market the packages

Click here for a list of FAQs and what you can expect from my VA courses.

I’ve recently completed Catherine’s Packages course and I’ve found it really beneficial.

It’s enabled me to think about how I present the tasks that I offer in a completely new light, and how best to sell them.

The course takes you through step by step all the aspects of a package, so you make sure you’ve got everything covered – it even includes pricing, which I find one of the trickiest things to work out!

From doing this course, I feel confident to create my own packages, and have since been approached at networking to say how people like the fact I have something that’s easy to buy and does what it says on the tin.

If you’re a VA looking to build your business, this course is definitely the one for you!

Meg Small, Auxilia Business Support - Virtual Assistant

The packages course has been the kick up the arse I’ve needed to offer potential clients ‘off the shelf’ solutions to their problems!

Mark Smith, The Male VA

I loved the packages course! Its step by step process has given me so much clarity and I would highly recommend it!

Tracey Dean

Catherine’s packages guide has really helped me to be able to package up my VA services, more effectively.

Packages are not only good for you as the VA, but also make it clear to the client as to what they are getting for their money.

The step by step process that Catherine guides you through is great, as it makes it clear what needs to be completed and how.

I now feel confident applying the process that Catherine has taught me to package up some of my other VA services. Thank you so much Catherine.

Lisa Porto, Lisa Jane Virtual Assistant

I took part in Catherine’s, ‘package course,’ (ooo-err!) and I’m so glad I did!

I can’t lie, it was tough going in places but Catherine explained every step clearly & was so helpful with her advice & great tips that I managed to complete the course.

I’m so glad I stuck with it and I’m really happy with the end result as I have already had a couple of enquiries for the social media packages I put together. 

I’m now looking at other packages I can create from my services. Thanks Catherine, fantastic as always!

Carole Searle, CS Virtual PA

Thank you for doing the packages challenge in the members’ group. It was so useful. I have already sold two of my blog writing packages and I’m already creating a second for Canva graphic creation which I’m going to start marketing next week. It’s incredibly simple quoting for blog posts now – and nobody has questioned it. Yay!!

Georgina Chapman Virtual PA

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