It’s hard work, isn’t it? It looks like everyone else is flying and there’s you still trying to get one or more retained clients, or get enough clients that you don’t need to worry if you lose one.

Perhaps you’re not making enough money and have to consider going back to employment?

Maybe you’re doing more associate work than VA work?

Maybe you’re almost there, but paralysed by self doubt.

Are you also fed up with potential clients telling you you’re too expensive?

You know where you’re heading but how on earth do you get there?

As I said first of all, it’s hard work, isn’t it? It feels like you’ve reached your personal peak, so you might as well just sit where you are or perhaps give up, right? WRONG!

I’ve built up my Virtual Assistant business to the point where I work with associates, a waiting list of clients, passive income and am earning four times what I did when I was employed. Now, that’s not to show off – that’s so not me – it’s just to reassure you that you can build your business too.

How? Keep reading, I’ve shared a few steps below that you can tick off as you achieve them.

Yes, I have fears – hell yeah, I have fears. For a start, I have a persistent brain tumour that keeps coming back no matter how many drugs I take, how much radiotherapy I have and it’s not even scared of the neurosurgery I had.

I had no pension as an employee (I’ve now bought a second property – that’s my pension)

I had no life insurance (still haven’t, but I put money away every month and before I had no savings either)

And, I have a chronic fatal disease – Addisons disease. JFK had it too, and his job was a bit more stressful than being a VA 😉

But, I was terribly unhappy as an employee, stressed, always had a cold (I’ve now not had a cold for over 18 months! That was unheard of in my life), had no time for friends and family and earned shit money which meant I feared appliances in my home breaking and would rather not have a holiday because it meant ‘wasted’ money.

So, was I stupid or brave starting my own business?

It’s definitely a risk, but I had a real desire to make it work and that’s really damn important.

Part of me even told myself that ‘I know I’ll fail, but I’ll have a go anyway‘ and I talk more about that as a guest on the podcast A Brilliant Gamble with Blaire Palmer.

So, how have a I made it work, and how can you make it work too? Here are five tips that I hope will help you on your road to ticking off your dreams:

1. The business needs to be about you. You must not be doing this because it looks like an easy way to earn money or because everyone else is doing it. It’s not easy, and if you don’t have a true desire to make it work it’ll become a chore. I love what I do, to the point where I still pinch myself that I am a VA – working at home when I choose for the most amazing business owners. It’s never a chore and I’ve never ever wanted to revert back to being an employee. EVER!

Remind yourself regularly why you’re doing this. Write it on your noticeboard!

2. You need to have a fully functioning website that enables potential clients to see what you do and how much it’ll cost them without having to have a lengthy confusing conversation with you. Take a look at your website from a clients perspective and perhaps consider adding some packages to your list of services. More on that here.

3. You need to be active on social media! Whether you like it or not, you need to have a presence. People will be checking you out if they’re remotely interested in working with you to ensure you’re not just a fly by night wannabe VA. They’re out there, and you need to stand out from those. Focus on the social media accounts that work for you and deactivate those that don’t – don’t waste your time on them.

4. You need to learn to stay silent… This is one tip I share with my Private Members’ Club members and it’s life changing! When someone asks what your hourly rate it, say it – then pause… Say nothing else. They will fill the silence it’s human nature. Don’t assume any silence means they’re thinking ‘too expensive’. It’s probably just you who thinks that.

5. Remind people. I don’t know about you, but I need reminders in my life. Reminders to go to the dentist, reminders to leave at a certain time to get somewhere, reminders of birthdays, reminders of TV programmes, etc, etc. Remind your family, friends and previous clients that you’re there and what it is you can do for them. Their circumstances may have changed, they may know new people – and you never know who needs the services you provide.

These are just a tiny bit of the things I share in my Private Members’ Club to help my members build and grow their VA businesses.

The average amount members are earning every month is £1500. One is now earning 910% more than she was before she joined. No, that’s not a typo – 910%!

I share VA jobs and associate jobs in the group too and there’s not much competition to fill them as I will always keep the membership to a set amount of members, and I teach ways to stand out in front of other VAs!! Ways that work.

And, I constantly update the resources with things that I’ve done to build and grow my own VA business – which are all relevant because I am still a full time VA!

Can you build your business any more? Hell yeah! Can you do it alone? Of course you can, but it’s so much easier when you have people around you who understand, who get you, who are your personal cheerleaders.

That’s where my ‘Private Membership Club‘ really comes in.

‘I love being a part of this group, when I have a tricky question that needs answering, a client has asked me to do something and I’m not sure how or if i just need some advice or a moan or to shout out a win … I pop into the facebook group and all these lovely VA’s are there to help, support and give a pat on the back – no bitching just 100% support.  Catherine is also great at putting projects and tasks together for us to learn and develop from – nothing is ever too much trouble.’
Kellie Simpson

Not only is there a private Facebook group full of support, and a lot of fun too, but I also provide an endless supply of resources, group calls, podcast, tasks and tips to help you move your business to where you want it to be.

Whatever your plans are for your VA business, we (you and I) will get you where you want to be, and build the business you want and deserve in my ‘Private Membership Club‘. Come on, let’s get this VA business ignited.

LOVE being a part of this group, joining was the best decision I’ve made in ages! You need to be committed to being a VA & growing your biz but the rewards for doing so are immense! The group spirit is fantastic, there is always somebody to bounce ideas off, give support & advice when needed. Catherine Gladwyn‘s advice is second to none & I just wouldn’t be without the group now.
Carole Searle