I remember when I first started Delegate VA – Virtual Assistant. I would check my emails throughout the day hoping someone had come across my website, or was replying to my cold call email and wanted me to work with them.

Then I’d think, well even if they do it might only be an hour they need, what’s the point? This will never take off.

But, being five feet tall I have the tenacity of a small dog near an open biscuit tin. So, I kept on doing what I was doing.

  • I reminded people what I did through social media posts
  • I engaged in Facebook groups
  • I connected with people on LinkedIn and ‘spoke’ to them
  • I continued to send cold emails
  • I thanked friends for liking my posts and ‘helping’ me with my marketing

And I did this tirelessly. 

But one thing I didn’t do was look at other VA’s to see how they were seemingly getting on. I had my own goals and needed to focus solely on that.

I muted the free VA Facebook groups, as they were never going to be paying clients and it was noise that was taking up time I could spend scheduling posts, writing blog posts, networking, researching, learning new skills – all things that were in the direction of bringing the money in.

We need to be consistent so people know we’re there for the long haul, so they know we’re worth investing in.

And you never know who’s watching – not everyone makes themselves known with a comment or a like.

Just this week I’ve taken on a new client and been asked to speak at this year’s VA Conference at Olympia, London and this is what both said:

New client: ‘I’ve been stalking you for ages’
VA Conference man: ‘We’ve been watching you for a while’

If I’d have just done one post, or a few and thought ‘sod it, no one is listening’ both of those people may have thought I was out of business, or would not have got the opportunity to ‘know’ me and decide they wanted to invest in me.

So, even when it feels like a hard thankless slog just remember, you never know who’s watching – talk to those you can’t see as well as those you can’t!

Will you be at this year’s VA Conference Breakfast? I’d really love to meet you.