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getting started with facebook ads

Are you often asked by potential, and existing, clients if you ‘know how to do Facebook Ads’?

Are you looking for profitable packages to add to your VA services?

The Getting Started With Facebook Ads course will take you from never having ventured into the Facebook Ads Manager all the way through to setting up your first Facebook ad.

Price: £197

And it’s yours for life!

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No more fumbling about wasting your time, your clients’ time and money.

A downloadable PDF course, checklist and ad planner, plus videos that walk you through the process. 

Whilst we’re not going to turn you into a Faeebook Ad Strategist overnight, you will learn everything you need to know to set up your own, or your clients, Facebook ads.  And you’ll be doing it with absolute confidence and a full understanding of how you can make an ad convert into leads or sales, how to target it towards a suitable audience, and ultimately how to get a decent return on investment, either for yourself or your clients. 

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I’m working with fellow VA, Jo-Anna Francis, to bring you her fabulous course – Getting Started With Facebook Ads. This really is for complete beginners and will take you from being terrified of getting started to confidently setting up your Facebook pixel (and don’t worry if that’s got you scratching your head, as it’s all explained in the course!) right through to fully understanding how to build the right audience for your product or service, and creating your very first ad.

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