Anyone need help to rewire their house?

I’ve not done any electrical work before, apart from when I set my foot on fire changing a socket front plate, but I think I quite fancy having a go again.

That’s okay, isn’t it? I’ll charge less than someone who has experience.

This attempt at sarcasm is borne from a post over on Facebook where a VA was asking how much to charge to update someone’s website and provide general maintenance, followed by ‘my field is admin but I’m really keen to take it on’.

I asked if she had experience and what if something goes wrong? It’s okay, she has a techie friend who can help if it all goes Pete Tong!

Right, so that’s someone else tinkering about in someone’s website, their 24/7 shop front, their livelihood.

I waded back in like a disappointed mother, but she never replied as I’d probably been a bit blunt as usual, but seriously? Would you want someone providing a service for you because they fancied having a go? I quite fancied being a hairdresser, but you can see from this that I shouldn’t even play at it!

By all means, practice on yourself but there is a whole world of training opportunities online and in person, I really don’t think there’s a need to learn at the expense of someone’s business.

However, on the other hand, the woman is right to want to evolve her services because we need to stand out. We’ve got competition out there and we need to keep learning to keep up with what our present and future clients want.

We need to stand out, but for the right reasons. For professionalism, integrity, honesty, reliability and more.

Virtual Assistant Courses Learning

The very first investment I made in myself as a business owner was a WordPress course. It was a lot of money to be giving out when first starting out, but I’d read so many good things about WordPress and had been having a dabble with my own WordPress website, and thoroughly enjoyed creating something that the whole world could see so easily.

Your website is going to be working for you when you sleep, it’s a kind of passive income generator. You’re going to want to be able to keep it up-to-date and relevant to your services and audience, you don’t want to have the added expense of paying a web developer to make tiny updates that might need changing again a week later – that’s what kept happening to me before I moved over to a WordPress site and it was expensive.

Plus, so many small business owners have their websites built on WordPress that once you’re confident with it, which really won’t take long, you’ll be able to offer a host of extra services:

  • WordPress Maintenance
  • Creating blog posts
  • Updating website pages
  • Creating website pages
  • And more…

I know it sounds scary, doesn’t it? Before I did my course I’d never even seen behind the scenes of a website. I imagined it was a code and gobbledygook. But WordPress is completely different. You don’t need to know coding ever, it’s just like putting a Word document together and you can do that with your eyes closed, can’t you?

By offering WordPress support to my clients I have recouped the expense hundreds of times over. It not only helps me stand out amongst the crowd it is something extra to upsell to new clients and I think you should make sure you stand out too.

I no longer look at the cost of personal development as an expense, it’s an investment.

If you’re thinking of adding to your portfolio of services I genuinely recommend investing in a WordPress course.

My WordPress course will be ready for release at the end of October 2018 (I’m writing it myself!)

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How to build your own fully functioning website (full course only)
  • Hosting your website (full course only)
  • The different jargon and what it all means
  • How to create blog posts
  • How to create new pages
  • How to make changes
  • How to create menus
  • How to customise your website
  • How to make your site SEO optimised
  • What plugins are and which ones to use
  • Plus, much more…

And it’s all in easy to understand text. I’m a qualified further education teacher so I know how to impart knowledge to enable every learning style to learn.

FULL COURSE: Learn how to build and maintain your own WordPress website

Before you go, here’s a top tip..

Find a few websites of fellow VA’s or your clients and pop /wp-admin at the end of their url, e.g. If it comes up with a login box that tells you that the website is WordPress – there’s a lot of them and that’s a whole lot of clients you could be helping out!

The course is a PDF download which are yours for life!