Just before the world locked down for COVID-19 I jacked my ‘safe and secure’ 9-5 and decided to go full throttle with my desire to become a Virtual Assistant full time.

I’d not taken the plunge previously, because I was scared and hoped I could build up my business while working full time, which you can, but it is hard when you don’t ‘need’ to be really making it happen.

I had been feeling really unhappy in my 9-5 and many said I was being bullied – in fact it felt like bullying too! It broke me to the point I cried when I got home, and I had to leave to save my mental health and self esteem.

I had nothing behind me other than the support of my family and friends, fear of failure, determination and Catherine’s amazing mentoring.

Of course, when COVID-19 hit the country I thought ‘this is it, I’m doomed, I am going to be broke, lose my home’ but Catherine reassured me that – although it won’t happen overnight – if I work hard with my marketing and get lots of other essential things in place for my business it will happen.

She has been incredibly supportive, and I followed her advice, sometimes later than planned, but I followed it. She made me accountable, she understands life gets in the way sometimes, but the accountability really made a difference.

Fast forward 8 weeks and I can’t believe what’s happened.

Tuesday and Wednesday this week I had utter madness with enquiries, in fact I signed up five retained clients in those 24 hours!!! I cannot BELIEVE it!! It doesn’t amount to lots of hours yet, but I can now pay my very basic living expenses, so I won’t lose my house. RESULT!!!!

All but one are people who I already knew through face to face networking, though one was a fellow team member in a race 10 years ago, the other one, was a recommendation, who rang not knowing what a VA really does and after 10 minutes signed up. I also had a chat with a lady who had come to me as the result of a guest blog I wrote about outsourcing, she may need me in the future.

The others were initial face to face introductions, but I connected with them on LinkedIn, so I think that helped them to remember me.

The comments have been, ‘You know those services you keep talking about on LinkedIn? Well we need them’, ‘I have seen you working really hard on LinkedIn and I like that‘, ‘You kept in touch gently, without being pushy’.

I felt like I was doing a lot of chatting shit on LinkedIn and it was pointless, but people were obviously looking and taking note without me knowing, as Catherine told me! …then they all rang at the same time!! I was in a meeting with one and two others rang!!! It was that mad, so all I can say, to those who are worried right now, is keep going, keep marketing yourself and people will come, it has taken about 8 weeks for this to happen to me.

Follow Catherine’s advice, she really is the VA GURU, and is great at giving your head a wobble when you need it. She has been the best investment I have made in my business.

If it can happen for me, it can happen for all of you.

Catherine Cocklin, QTPA
Catherine runs QTPA: Quality Time PA Services, find out more about her here: https://qtpa.co.uk/

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