Here are five easy steps to consider when marketing your virtual assistant business on social media.

Almost everyone is on social media in some form or another, whether it’s on a personal level, business or both it’s an amazing way to promote you and your business to an audience small business owners would’ve given their right arm for years ago.

Social media has become a powerful way to market small businesses, so here are some things I use to market my VA business, which I hope will be helpful for you too.

Use relevant platforms

Think about where your ideal clients hang out? As a service provider would Pinterest or Snapchat be worth spending time on to promote your business?

Having endless platforms set up probably won’t be necessary early on in your business, so start with the relevant ones, which I consider to be Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and see how you get on.

Remind people what you do

Social media goes so fast and people scroll at different times,¬†on different days, so you never really know when your audience is ‘tuning in’. But you can be certain they don’t see every post, their timelines are just too busy, they’re too busy! Remind your audience from time to time what it is exactly you do, what you can do for them. It won’t hurt to remind friends and family from time to time too, as you never know who they know!

Your regular audience may love your tips and updates, but do they know what services you provide, what you can help them with?

‘As a Virtual Assistant, I help ***** with ***** (services). Take a look at my website for a full list (link to website)’

Schedule posts when busy or absent

You may have started your business to spend more time with family, more time alone, or both, so the last thing you want to be doing during half-term, while you’re on holiday or enjoying a day off is maintaining a social media presence, but you also don’t really want to go quiet for too long either!

This is where you can utilise scheduling posts, so your social media is working even when you’re not.

You could:

  • Regurgitate blog posts.
  • Remind people what you do!
  • Share testimonials.

Listen as well as talk

We’ve all been in meetings or training rooms when one person thinks it’s all about them, haven’t we? Asking endless questions, spewing out cliches; it’s just not engaging is it? I don’t know about you but I switch off.

Even though social media is predominantly written words without sound, we still need to look at it as a conversation, so be sure to respond to comments, shares and follows, even if it’s just a tweet to say ‘thanks for the follow’. It will let people know you’re real, that you’ve noticed them and you’re active.

Utilise the high privacy settings on personal profiles

As a Virtual Assistant, you’re not only selling your services but yourself too. People will buy from you because they share your ethos, they can relate to you and you’re going to want to attract clients you can relate to as well.

But, this doesn’t mean you have to share everything.

Clients did sometimes send friend requests to me on Facebook, so I have locked down my personal profiles. That way I can be completely me and not worry about what my friends are putting on my timeline, unwind, moan and safely share personal photos of my family.

Remember to check your privacy settings regularly as they tend to change things from time to time.