You’re unlikely to make enough money to pay all the bills immediately when you start your Virtual Assistant business so it’s wise to have a little bit of money stashed away to tide you over.

I wish I could tell you how long it’ll take to be financially ‘safe’, but everyones financial needs are different, and it really does depend how hard you work doing what’s needed to start and run your VA business – more about that here.

But I have come up with some ideas that you might want to consider to stash a bit of cash until you’re completely sound with a steady flow of clients and income…

1. Sell old clothes and shoes, especially those office clothes as you’re not going to need such a diverse wardrobe anymore. Don’t think for one minute you won’t work in your PJs as a freelancer – you will! Also, don’t be afraid to put what you’re selling on Facebook for your friends to have first dibs too.

2. Get up in the loft. Those old phones, DVDs, CDs, could all go somewhere like Music Magpie. Do you really need them or are they just something that relatives will chuck in a skip when you’re gone? Save their time, enjoy the fruits of your hoarding now.

3. What haven’t you used for 90 days? I bet there’s loads of stuff. Obvs if you’re reading this in the summer and you’ve not used a radiator for 90 days leave those where they are! But have a wander round your house and make a mental note of everything else. If it’ll fill a small table then get yourself down to a car boot. Your junk is someone else’s treasure

4. Beauty treatments – does your waxing need doing every four weeks or could you extend it to five? Don’t forget you’ll be seeing less people when you work from home so that chin hair can wait!

5. Unused Memberships (gym, Slimming World, National Trust). Those memberships only work for you if you use them. Consider whether you could put them on hold until cash flow is more tsunami than drought?

All that’s left to say is… good luck, you can do this!