‘I’ve been a VA for eight months. I’m at capacity and working with a couple of associates’

If you’ve been at it longer, you’ve failed. Why aren’t you at capacity with a couple of associates?

You’re obviously doing something wrong.

I think it’s time you gave up this wild dream of yours, you’re clearly not cut out for it.

I get a lot of emails from VAs and potential VAs and I always reply. I like to know what, how and why – it helps me understand the ‘market’ more so I don’t get stuck in my Delegate VA bubble.

And I’m glad I do…


Let me tell you how that opening sentence should’ve been written, once I asked a couple of questions.


‘I set up my business two years ago and now work about 20 hours a week supporting two VAs. I charge £15 an hour. We don’t need much income as our girls are young, so we don’t have the expense of childcare. I don’t have my own ongoing clients, but do some as hoc work.’

Don’t compare yourself to others… Ever.

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