This blog was originally published, as a guest blog, on Chris Evans’, Evans Creative, website.

I’ve seen ‘advice’ online where people say don’t worry about having a website, you can just use social media to promote your business.

That would mean all your marketing is free! Result.

If only it was that easy.

While social media platforms might be free, they’re not yours and that’s the crucial thing here. 

They’re someone else’s, you’re just a guest.

You’ve heard people say how impossible it is to contact Facebook, Instagram, etc when something goes wrong, haven’t you? I’ve heard that too, but I have also witnessed fellow online business owners lose their business accounts, through hacking or by accidentally flouting the endless list of terms and conditions – and they never got them back!

With that loss comes the loss of the audience you’d built up. You’ll never find them all again and so you’ll effectively have to start your marketing from scratch – hoping that you don’t lose it all again!

When was the last time you spent money with someone or something that only had a social media profile and had never met them face to face? Did you feel safe that the transaction would be legitimate?

If you did, you really are in a minority and very trusting as that’s how scammers work. They sell through social media, take money and disappear – it even happens in the Virtual Business Mentoring world, but that’s a whole other blog post!

A website is yours, somewhere people in this busy world go to find out all about you, what it is you can do for them, answers their FAQs and find out how much it’s going to cost to invest in you. Potential clients will be looking at your website from mobiles, laptops, computers at all times throughout the day and night, it’s your 24/7 shop from. 

As a Virtual Assistant, your target audience are people who are busy in their business, too busy to be doing the tasks you can do for them, they don’t have time scroll through endless posts on social media trying to find out how to get in touch with you, how much you charge, what it is you do. People don’t want an awkward conversation on the phone with you only to find out you’re out of their price range, or you’re not a good fit, or the services they assumed you provide, you don’t. Potential clients want to find out all of that information quickly and have ease of access to get in touch with you to say let’s work together. And they can only do that if you have a website.

One of the hardest things, when starting out as a new business owner, is finding the clients who want to work with you. There’s a saying in marketing; people are more likely to invest once they know, like and trust you. Now that the internet is an everyday feature, your potential clients will happily get to know like and trust you virtually, via your website!

I have developed and trademarked the 20% Rule, which means that no one client should take up more than 20% of your time or your income.

As a Virtual Assistant myself, but also as a Virtual Business Mentor and author of the multi award-winning bestseller, How to be a Virtual Assistant, I can attribute many VAs lack of progression and being able to achieve that 20% Rule to not having effective marketing channels (there are reasons too sometimes) 

Again, the reasons why not having a website can be bad for your Virtual Assistant business:

  • Potential clients can’t make a decision in their own time whether they want to work with you, people don’t have time for calls and waiting for email replies
  • Potential clients can’t easily find your rates
  • Potential clients can’t find out what it is you can do for their business
  • Potential clients can’t start getting to know like and trust you
  • Your competitors will stand out more because they do have a website

As a Virtual Assistant you’ve got the whole world at your fingertips, the whole world of business owners ready to work with you.

Don’t make it difficult for people to spend money with you. Make it easy.

My message is; if you are serious about your Virtual Assistant business and want to make it a success you need to invest in a website.