Sometimes you will follow a client’s plan, other times you will lead and instigate

As a Virtual Business Manager (VBM) you’re often going to be creating your own role. Many clients would have been juggling their business as best they can so haven’t had time to learn, research or appreciate everything that’s available to them to help them grow their business and get everything done. 

They need you more than you will probably allow yourself to believe. You are the expert and in a remarkable position because you’ve not only been working on your own business, as a VA or VBM, you’ve been working in and on other people’s businesses as well. 

Catherine has suggested and implemented processes, and suggested advanced ways of working to allow me to grow my business.

These include:

  • Sign up forms for downloads so I can grow my audience
  • Automated payment plugins
  • Automated booking systems for discovery calls
  • Suggested ways for me to collect testimonials and reviews to grow my authority

Alexa Whitten

You’ll have also accumulated a circle of contacts who are experts in additional fields that you can pull in for the projects your clients’ need.

To offer such value you need to have some sort of business, managerial or project management background before you step into being a VBM.

As a VBM you will be proactive, you will lead and instigate with confidence on many occasion.

‘ I think you’ll benefit from an automated system for your xyz. We could do this by by implementing xyz. Shall I move forward with this?’

‘ I think it will free up a lot of your time if we were to have your clients book meetings with you you via me. All you need to do is forward emails to me and I will put them in your diary allowing you plenty of time for travel and a coffee’

‘ I’ve got a contact that also launched a similar service and they talk about it regularly online sharing success stories from their clients. Shall I contact a collection of your clients and get some case studies and success stories put together that we could use on social media, blogs and on your website?’

It’s so very important that your clients have clear goals for their business, it’s almost impossible to instigate effectively if a client doesn’t know what their goals are because you won’t know if it’s going to make a difference. You can make suggestions based on your experience of working with them and your perception of the direction of their business, but then we won’t always know whether it will impact positively, so make sure your clients have a clear plan.

 Some attributes that clients are looking for in a VBM are those who:

  • don’t need chasing
  • get things done 
  • don’t need micromanaging
  • attention to detail
  • take ownership
  • get on with confidence
  • find Solutions not Problems

Are you a solution finder or problem maker?

The kinds of phrases Solutions focused people say include:

  • here’s how to do it
  • this will work
  • it’s all done and here’s a ‘how to’ for future reference

Problem is probably too much of a strong word here, it’s more a ‘work creator’ than a solution finder, but I wanted one word! Work creators aren’t a hindrance to business owners at all, they still find things that need doing, but aren’t yet confident or experienced enough to suggest a solution. It’ll come. They may ask questions instead, like this:

  • how shall we do that?
  • what do you want me to do?
  • is this ok, I’m not sure I’ve done it right?

So, are you ready to be a Virtual Business Manager? I bet you are! Let me help you on that journey in my Private Membership Club.