This post was written by Carl Reader (my autocorrect on my phone always wants to change it to card reader 🙂)

Carl is widely regarded as the UK’s leading expert and advisor to small businesses. He prides himself on offering straightforward advice to businesses looking to start, grow or franchise and lives by the simple ethos of ‘roll your sleeves up and take action’. He is the author of The Startup Coach and The Franchising Handbook, both published by Hodder.

Carl shared this article recently over on Facebook and I loved it, I thought it’s perfect for my audience too, so with his approval I’m linking to it at the bottom, here’s a teaser…

Self-employment is now, more than ever before, a realistic dream for millions. 

One in seven of us – that’s an astonishing five and a half million Brits – run their own business. 

People all over the country are thinking about whether it’s time to say goodbye to the day job and start their own business. And it could be!

  • Are you cut out to be in business?
  • Do you have family support?
  • Do you have financial stability?
  • Is your business idea unique?
  • Do you have a robust plan?
  • Do you have transferable skills?

You don’t need to be the next Richard Branson to start a business, but you do require a certain strength of character to handle the highs and lows of running a business…. Read more