It’s okay, many people are working full or part-time when they first set up their business and unless you have a buffer of money, are on maternity leave, or a very wealthy relative you may need to as well.


I did it. Here are some key things I believe you need in place to help you build your successful Virtual Assistant business.


A plan

Imagine you’re at the bottom of lots of different escalators, all going to different destinations. You need to know where you’re going so you get on the right one. That’s a plan. You don’t need to write reams and reams of pages, just note down what you are hoping to achieve in your business venture. You’ll then have milestones along the way which show you how you’re progressing.

  • Maybe it’s to run a business part-time and be employed part-time?
  • Maybe it’s to work from home virtually full-time?
  • Maybe it’s to work from home part-time?


A reason

And it has to be about you primarily! It’s so much easier to do things when you know why you’re doing it. Or when it’s something you really want. It might be to spend more time with the children, to manage your health, to get out of the corporate world, whatever it is write it down and pin it somewhere you can see it regularly, so you stay focused on your dream.


Support / Cheerleaders

Negativity can drive us; if people say ‘you can’t’ I think a little bit of my teenage self comes out and says ‘watch!’. But, you also need people around you who support your dream of becoming a business owner. If there’s too much negativity it might be time to mute some people and then you can flick them the bird when you’re up and running.


Understand your outgoings

Print off a few months of bank statements and note all of your outgoings, to understand how much you’re going to need to save to cover you for a few weeks / months while you transition from employee to business owner. Are there any bills you can reduce or remove? Those monthly memberships to those clubs you haven’t been to for six months? Ditch them.



Google will become your assistant when it’s just you in the office. Take time to become fully acquainted with how valuable a resource it is. Spend your next 48 hours at work not asking anyone for advice or help with anything, not even IT, and see how easily you can resolve things on your own using Google.

It’s possible, I promise. You can do this and you’re going to nail it! To get you fully on your journey to success take a look at the contents of my book, here.

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